ESHA Port 4.3 (Released February 2017)

Release Date: Initial release: 2/15/2017. Most recent patch version: 4.3.215

The newest version can always be downloaded from

4.3 Initial Release Notes (Version 4.3.215)

New Features:

  • Templates are now available within ESHA Port. These are prebuilt import and export operations, allowing the streamlining of data migration and sharing.
  • Advanced Labels can now be exported within ESHA Port.
  • Added field for “Statements are user generated”. With this you can now import that to change the recipe from program generated to user generated. You can also export to determine what the statement is set to.
  • You can now choose to skip errors and continue the import or export. Previously if there were any errors during execution, all changes would be rolled back.
  • Added a check box for “Include only user added records” in the Selection Criteria tab. This will ignore any ESHA ingredients in your export, allowing easier export of all user created ingredients.
  • Moved all buttons and commands to the ribbon, and hid button when they have no use.
  • Added a check box in the Export Options tab for “Include Label Image”. This now controls if you export the label image. The field “Nutrition Facts” has been renamed “Nutrition Facts Image Path”, and now will only include the path in the text file, not control if the label imported or not.


  • [Food Processor only] Added fields for Notes 1, 2, and 3 for Person exports. Previously you could only export Notes 1.
  • [Food Processor only] Added “Blank Field” as a field for Person exports.
  • Many new fields are available for Food Menu import and export. Ingredient statement, allergen statement, characteristics added.
  • Leading and trailing spaces around User Codes will now be trimmed during import. A leading or trailing space would previously cause the item to fail to import without an error.
  • Improved error messages and tracking substantially. We found many corner cases that would cause imports or exports to fail but not give any errors.
  • Added label folder export location to command parameters.
  • Renamed Save and Save As to “Save Template” and “Save Template As” to differentiate from running the import/export.
  • The function to import or export is now “Execute” in the ribbon.
  • Primary Key has been removed from the default field list.
  • The default location to save .epf files will now be C:\ProgramData\Esha Research\ESHAPortSQL\Templates
  • Added time stamps to all results in the error log, and the error log will now append the existing log if one exists.
  • A warning message will be added to the error log if a food does not match any existing foods when importing.

 Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug where Food Processor users would sometimes see the 1990 nutrition label instead of 2016 when exporting the label.
  • Fixed a bug that would change the Document Type from Food Menu to Ingredient when clicking on “Edit”.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Serving Size Description” field would not import properly.
  • When exporting and export type is set to append and write field headings to first row is checked, the export will only write the field headings if the file is empty.

Compatibility Changes:

  • ESHA Port version 4.3.x compatible with Genesis and Food Processor version 11.3.x
  • ESHA Security version unchanged (4.0.x).
  • Notes for the newest Genesis R&D, Food Processor, and ESHA Security versions can be found here.
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