Release notes - Genesis R&D Supplements - Version 1.3.x

Release Date: Initial release: 10/12/2017 (1.3.201) Most recent patch version: 10/17/2017 1.3.210

The newest version can always be downloaded from

1.3 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Ability to Track Chemical Impurities
    • Added "Nutrients" for Heavy Metal Components (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Tungsten) 
    • Included Recommendations for Heavy Metal Limits
    • Added Chemical Impurities Section to Reports
  • Added PPM Unit
  • New Two-Column Label Template
  • Show Cost Per kg (and other unit options) on Formula Screen
  • Export One Ingredient/Formula
  • Allow Users To Add A Serving Size Descriptor
  • Added Footnotes for the Linear Label
  • Allow Nutrient Names To Wrap on the Label


  • Improved Report Speed and Format
  • Removed Unnecessary Dialog Boxes on Imports/Exports and Import TXT and CSV
  • Options Menu Functions Active
  • Added Consistency to Names and Units Throughout
  • Searching Results Accurate
  • Allow Formulas To Share Common Ingredients
  • Totals Now Show Directly Underneath Their Rows
  • Added Additional Hover Notes
  • Licensing Works Without Closing Program
  • Active User Counts Accurate
  • Added Middle Click and CTRL-W for Closing Windows
  • Added Progress Bars for Export
  • Improved Update Speed (.210 only)

Bug Fixes:

  • Eliminated Various Program Crashes
  • User Added Fields Dropdown No Longer Locks Up
  • Selecting All Claims Corresponds to Menu
  • Requires At Least One Character on Nutrient Names and Other Required Locations
  • Fixed Inability to Add or Modify Groups
  • Removed Ash/Water from Labels
  • Calories Now Import and Modify Correctly
  • Imports Now Allowed with File Open
  • Exported EXLX Now able to be Overwritten
  • Fixed Sugar and Added Sugar %DV Functionality
  • Enable Deleting Newly Created Components
  • Fixed Folate Label
  • Database Backup/Restore Allowed if AttachDbFileName is in connection string
  • Calculated Serving Size Works Correctly
  • Default Allergens Copy to Ingredients and Formulas
  • Abbreviations Fixed on Label
  • Fixed a bug where RunMigrations failed on upgrades (.210 only)

System Requirements:

  • Internet Connection required for installation.
  • Minimum of 1GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Client OS: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • SQL Server versions supported: SQL Server 2012 and newer (including Express versions)
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later 
  • Click here for instructions on running the program on a MAC
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