Release Notes for ESHA Port 4.4.x

Release Date: Initial release: 12/5/2017 Latest Release (4.4.602): 2/28/2018

Note: Most recent patch fixes are in bold.

4.4.464 Initial Release Notes

New Features:

  • Users will now be able to add a path to the .ini file to be included in the select template dropdowns
  • Ingredient Statements can be exported on Recipes and Food Menus
  • Recipe imports have choice of label to create


  • Recipe and Label names distinguished from each other on exports

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed various misspelling and confusing text
  • Fixed a bug with importing recipes that have an override
  • Nutrients on Food Menu report now properly rounded 
  • Fixed issues with some serving sizes/types that wouldn't import properly
  • Solved various crash issues
  • Fixed a bug related to error message of missing txt files from command line
  • If no allergen preferences exist now it will show all allergens instead of none
  • Fixed problems with importing recipes with user code (4.4.602)
  • Fixed Allergen Statement export to include only text of Allergen Statement (no longer includes the Additional Allergen Statement)(4.4.602)
  • Fixed Imports of Serving Size and Servings Per Container (4.4.602)

Compatibility Changes:

  • ESHA Port version 4.4.x compatible with Genesis and Food Processor version 11.4.x
  • ESHA Security version unchanged (4.0.x).
  • Notes for the newest Genesis R&D, Food Processor, and ESHA Security versions can be found here.
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