Installing or Updating the Client Only, use if you have the database on a separate server (New Installation or Updates)

This is for Genesis Versions 11.3 and older, the interface for 11.4 and newer will be different see this guide.

This will install the client only. You will need to have the database set up on another computer/server that you can connect to. This is an advanced configuration.

1. Open the installation file that was downloaded
2. Click Next to the Welcome Screen.
3. Check the box to accept the terms of the License Agreement
4. Input your user(optional), organization(optional), customer number, and Serial Key
5. Choose "Network/Shared Install"

6. Under Client, check the box next to Genesis R&D SQL

7. Choose a destination to install the program (default is recommended)
8. Enter the name of your SQL Server. This is generally your server name followed by \ESHA

9. Click Install

Once this is complete, you will need to grant the user access to the database on the server.

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