Installing or Updating on a single computer (Stand Alone Install)

This is for Food Processor Versions 11.3 and older, the interface for 11.4 and newer will be different.

 Note: In most cases the application will not need a restart, but when upgrading from a older version or with certain windows components missing a restart may be required. 

Note: To perform the installation of the software, you will need to be an Administrator on that computer.  If that requires a separate login, for any who may need to use the application, you will also need to add any non-administrator logins as valid users.

This will install the Food Processor and the database as a stand alone setup.

1. Open the installation file that was downloaded
2. Click Next to the Welcome Screen.
3. Check the box to accept the terms of the License Agreement
4. Input your user(optional), organization(optional), customer number, and Serial Key
5. Choose "Stand-Alone Install"

6. Choose a destination to install the program (default is recommended)
7. Click Install

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