Genesis R&D Foods 9.12.x (Released January 2014)

Release Date: January 16, 2014

Release Notes:

Information on minor patches for 9.12 included below

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Label Settings configuration can now be saved & loaded.  This allows various configurations of label layouts to be readily applied to existing recipes, or new recipes, including setting a particular label layout as a default for new recipes.
  • Licensing system changed in programs: Product Key is no longer used, replaced by Serial Code. Information dialog changed accordingly.


  • Changed combined child label to better comply with the CFR. There are now 5 child label formats:
    •  Infants 0-12 mos
    •  US Child Toddlers, 1-2 yrs
    •  US Child Toddlers, 2-4 yrs
    •  US child Dual label, Infants 0-12 mos & Toddlers, 1-2 yrs
    •  US Child Dual Label, Toddlers, 1-2 yrs & Toddlers, 2-4 yrs.
  • Dual Declaration functionality to support additional quantitative information immediately adjacent to the required quantitative information for each nutrient. (Nutrient weight information for both Recipes in a dual declaration label.)
  • Common Name now included in Search results.
  • New installation process. Use of SQL Server localDB for stand-alone installations.
  • Analysis Override will not adjust to apply Yield Adjustments. Analysis Override is now final value for the nutrient, per serving.
  • Canadian Tabular/Horizontal label. Fixed missing line below Protein.
  • Mexican labeling - incorporated changes to rounding rules and other changes per 2010 addendum to NOM-051.
  • (Only affects ESHA Security module) Search results will now include records to which users have NO ACCESS. User access is still restricted to those records; however they appear in the search results lists.
  • Licensing system changed in programs. Product Key is no more.  Information dialog changed accordingly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Database / Modify / HACCP tab no longer reports Improper Argument (which was bogus notification anyway).
  • Both fields must be specifically identified for Search and Replace function.
  • Tightened up some spacing in Ingredient Statements.
  • Non-Label nutrients displayed in the Spreadsheet Label Rounded now report values
  • Bar Graph - Export to Clipboard now pastes full report, and no longer just the report name.
  • Changed indentation of Omega 6 and/or Omega 3 depending on other voluntary nutrients displayed. (Canadian label only.)
  • Help / Information now correctly displays the computer's operating system.
  • Audit Trails can now be enabled (or disabled) regardless of whether users are in Genesis at the time.
  • Export All formerly opened all items to check to see if user data was to be exported. Streamlined that to filter modified items first, and export from there.
  • Many System Requirements changed for installations.  Typically, latest Service Pack is required for a given operating system.  Refer to the System Requirements on the Genesis product (near bottom) page.

Database Changes:

  • Database structure version 9.6.0 required for Genesis 9.12.x
  • USDA database (SR-25) and CNF (2007b) versions unchanged.
  • Total foods in the database: 59,815
  • Total Nutrients Tracked: 160

Compatibility Changes:

  • ESHA Port 2.9.0
  • ESHA Security 2.4.1 required


Release Date: January 31, 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fixed  Select button on Ingredient Statement dialog not opens as expected (no longer takes 10+ mins).
  • Fixed  Opening some older recipes resulted in error when retrieving label information (pertaining to label options and Mexico settings).


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