Food Processor 10.1 to 10.11 (Released July 2012 and earlier)

None of these versions are available for download

Version 10.11.0 (DVD)
Fixed Can now undo sorting in 'Person-Exercises' & 'Person-Clinical' (right-click menu). (65487)     
Fixed Common Name can now be modified to respect change in case sensitivity. (65883)     
Fixed Save As for an open document now correctly updates most recently used list under File. (64933)     
Fixed More resizeable dialogs. (65313)     
Fixed Corrected handful of typos (mostly in Exercises). (65705)     
Modified Field & column heading formerly named 'USDA Code' now named Government Code (or Gov. Code in abbreviations) to reflect values within may be USDA Code or CNF code if Canadian item. (65943)     
Modified Changed pan size under Preparation Method to allow up to 45 characters (from 15).(65589)     
Modified Printed Recipe report section "Recipe Info" now only displays populated fields. Blank fields are suppressed. (65981)     
Version 10.10.2 (patch)
Fixed Editing a Recipe with sub-recipes no longer hides sub-recipes. (65803)     
Removed One can no longer export images as PNG type (BMP, GIF, TIF only options). (65871)     
Fixed ESHA's bid to disallow the use of the lowercase 'q' has been overruled. (Previously, Ingredient name did not allow the use of the lowercase 'q' in its name.) (65901)     
Fixed Sub-recipes no longer auto-expand on addition of ingredients. (65885)     

Food Processor: 10.10.1 - Release Notes
Download patch 10.10.2:

Added Can now undo sorting in 'Person-Exercises' & 'Person-Clinical' (in right-click menu). (65487)     
Fixed Exported spreadsheet report now lines up. (65700)     
Fixed Ingredient name & amounts now fixed (non-scrolling) in spreadsheet display. (65686)     
Fixed In 'Person-Clinical' page, Display Columns under right-click menu now takes to correct Preferences page. (65627)     
Fixed More resizeable dialogs. (65482)

Version 10.10.0 (CD update)
Added DRI standards for Omega 3 and Omega 6 have been added. (65037)
Added Most of the pages are now resizeable. (65445)
Added Enabled multi-select open of Recipes (in Open dialogue, can now select multiple Recipes to open at same time). (34832)
Added Several additional measures now available (among them: #10 can, capsule) (41469, 65034)
Added Most dialogs are now manually resizable. (64891)
Fixed In some cases, users were unable to view the Audit Trail. This has now been fixed. (65486)
Fixed Average MET values were calculating incorrectly. (58156)
Fixed When an age was entered < .25 years, the program would set it to 8589934 in the Spreadsheet. This has been fixed to reflect the correct age entered. (57168)
Fixed Modify Foodlist Item dialog showed "items undefined" for an Ingredient when added to a new Recipe. This has been remedied. (65436)
Fixed Corrected several typos. (65012, 65113)
Removed Obsolete Canadian RNI Recommendations have been removed from the program. (65414)

Food Processor: 10.9.0 - Release Notes
(Added). The MyPlate Report has been added (replacing MyPyramid). (64840)     
(Added). New Report PLUS report -- Recipe Card with Multicolumn per 100g. (29671)     
(Added). Single Nutrient percent column now respects decimal precision setting. (64884)     
(Added). 'New' button moved to upper portion of Open dialogs. (64887)     
(Fixed). Cleaned up some typos. (64868)     
(Fixed). Common Names now support use of apostrophe. (64811)     
(Fixed). Recipe Info export now includes Common Name and/or UserCode. (64866)     
(Fixed). MyPlate automatically updates values with additional foods. (58085)     
(Fixed). Increased the size of the import dialog to display long record names. (64644)

Food Processor: 10.8.0 - Release Notes
Fixed. Program would occasionally crash if a duplicate Person name were entered. (57246)     
Added. New DRI standards for Vitamin D were added to the program and documentation. These do not affect nutrition labeling. (57959)     
Added. New DRI standards for Calcium were added to the program and documentation. These do not affect nutrition labeling. (57958)     
Removed. Dead Exchanges and Pyramid defines. (52483)     
Fixed. Changing the order of report sections in Preferences > Reports > Persons now persists. (56772)     
Fixed. The initially blank Common Name field is no longer populated after an .exl export. (57474)     
Fixed. Using drag and drop to move an Ingredient withing a Recipe would cause the comment to disappear. (57403)     
Fixed. Ingredient name field validates to 60 characters. (57525)     

Food Processor: 10.7.0 - Release Notes
Added. Added the ability to Export user added items from the database by Group. (55156)     
Fixed. Auto open reports when document selected from the MRU. case 55099. (55099)     
Fixed. Comments for line-items preserved when exporting and importing Recipes. (51979)

Version 10.6.3 (patch)

Download patch 10.6.3:

Fixed: Addressed issues introduced in patch 10.6.2 related to adding foods to new Day (55954, 55955)     
Fixed: You can now search for a recipe with a number in the name. (54364)     
Fixed: Persons & Recipes now respect manual sort order initially, and after saving the record. (54580)     
Fixed: Columns in the Multicolumn report are a better default size. (52527)     
Fixed: Printed multicolumn report better fits paper width. (53601)     
Fixed: Changing the name of an ingredient will now allow you to save. (53515)     

Food Processor: 10.6.1 - Release Notes
Fixed. Corrected an issue with permissions for some users when using the Nutrient search. (53051)     
Fixed. Corrected the recommendations for the Grains, Fruits, Milk, and Meats groups in the MyPyramid report. (53109)     
Version 10.6.0 (CD update)
Added. A Nutrient Search (high/low) has been added.     
Fixed. Resolved an issue that was crashing the program when a user deleted an Exercise from the Exercise List using their delete key. (45710)     
Fixed. Fixed a problem that wasn't allowing a user to delete the information entered into the Medical tab of a Person. (46053)     
Added. A Common Name field has been added to Ingredients. Generally, the Common Name is a shortened version of the much longer Item Name. If you create an entry for this field, you can choose for this name to appear on your Reports. The Item Name will be replaced by the Common Name. (3072)     
Fixed. Fixed inconsistencies with the Column Sort for Nutrient Search. (50098)     
Fixed. The inconsistent "flag missing values" option has been fixed. (48906)     
Fixed. Resolved an issue that was appending a duplicate food item to an intake when days or meals were turned off and editing a fooditem. (46349)     
Fixed. Inconsistencies with the Person export fixed. User-added items are now included. (49231)     
Fixed. An empty Weight/Gain Loss value was printed as "invalid." It now shows N/A. (51982)

Version 10.5.2 (patch)

Download patch 10.5.2:

Corrected an issue with handling regional settings for number display. (47772)     

Food Processor: 10.5.0 - Release Notes
Resolved an issue that was crashing the program when a user deleted an Exercise from the Exercise List using their delete key. (45710)     
Fixed a problem that wasn't allowing a user to delete the information entered into the Medical tab of a Person. (46053)     
Version 10.5.0 (CD update)

Food Processor: 10.5.0 - Release Notes
30181: Added. Label report now a Report section.     
41268: Added. Print Report Sections Dialog now has a select all/clear all option.     
36614: Modified. Column separators on Multi-Column and Recommendations report reduced.     
1187: Added capability to print range of pages.     
37847: Printing columns now uses the down and over option when both number of column and length of columns is larger than one page.     
29674: Added. Missing datapoints shown in red double dashes (--) on the Spreadsheet report.     
36601: Modified. Print Multiple Reports functionality has changed. Option to print more than one report under File>Print.     
31443: Added. Spreadsheet, Multicolumn, Single Nutrient, Bar Graph, Recommendations, Calories and Fats have been added to the report sections for the Person and Recipe reports.     
39212: Print to pdf option added in the print dialog.     
36262: Modified. Person view expands to meals when first opened.     
30175: Changed. Many Reports have been redesigned for more functionality.     
38544: Added. User code column now available on Open Person screen.     
37377: Added feature. Preferences dialogs now return to the last page that was open when the dialog was closed.     
36108: Fixed. Inconsistencies with Recipe export resolved.     
35749: Fixed. Modify Foodlist measures now show the entire measure name. In addition, the list has been moved as to show the Cancel button.     
Version 10.4.0 (CD update)
34281: Modified. When calculating averages in the spreadsheet report include 0s.   

Version 10.3.0 (CD update)
20950:     Added. New Diabetic Exchanges added.
25158:     Fixed. Double-clicking an item in the Person document allows user to edit the item.
25159:     Fixed. Modify an item in a Person document then Cancel, caused an unnecessary delay to update. This has been fixed.
25164:     Modified. Search toolbar no longer allowed to close.
24961:     Fixed. Run-time error occurred when using a custom nutrient in the Recipe entry display columns.

Version 10.2.2 (patch)

Download patch 10.2.3:

19632:     Fixed. File>Open for a person correctly displays the status dialog.
4969:     Fixed. MyPyramid bars at correct percentage.
19701:     Fixed. ReportsPLUS now correctly displayed if the number of days greater than one digit.

Version 10.2.0 (CD update)
Food Processor: 10.2.0 - Release Notes
Added. Updated the DRI standards for Vit A & D IU, Sodium, Chloride (10401)     
Added. Updated HACCP guidelines. (2407)     
Fixed. Right-clicking on a Label view will now display the selected node expanded automatically. (14588)     
Fixed. 'Name' text box expanded to fit frame. (6774)     
Added. Include export resolution to General Preferences page. (14839)     
Fixed. Preview Image for Recipe_Card_2 correctly reflects the layout. (15784)     
Fixed. Application runs on Vista. (5338)     
Fixed. After a food search the Product Code field only listed one letter of the name (16609)     
Added. Search and Replace menu item added to application. (Database>Search and Replace). (14291)     
Fixed. Scrollbar would disappear while selecting nutrients to view (15269) 

Version 10.1.0 (CD update)
Fixed. Recipes, user-added ingredients and and other user-added data are now exported with the diet recall. (6295)
Fixed. Date of Day in Person now keeps correct date. (6043)
Fixed. Profile import failed due to duplicted dates in dietlog. (6424)
Version 10.0.0 (CD update)
Fixed. MyPyramid Added.  Food Guide pyramid hidden. (3385)
Fixed. The preference "DrawLabelDirectlyToDC" is in the ini file. (3387)
Fixed. FP additional nutrients added. (1921)
Fixed. Added several new Exercises to list for Person Documents. (5195)

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