Food Processor 10.13.x (Released January 2014)

Release Date: January 31, 2014

Release Notes:

Information on minor patches for 10.13 included below.

New Features:

  • New installation process. Use of localDB for stand-alone installations.
  • Licensing system changed in programs: Product Key is no longer used, replaced by Serial Code. Information dialog changed accordingly.


  • Activities (Exercises) updated with METs values, as well as added several new ones.
  • Common Name now included in Search results.
  • Audit Trails can now be enabled (or disabled) regardless of whether users are in Food Processor at the time.
  • (Only affects ESHA Security module) Search results will now include records to which users have NO ACCESS. User access is still restricted to those records; however they appear in the search results lists.
  • Export All formerly opened all items to check to see if user data was to be exported. Streamlined that to filter modified items first, and export from there.
  • Many System Requirements changed for installations.  Typically, latest Service Pack is required for a given operating system.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Database / Modify / HAACP tab no longer reports Improper Argument (which was bogus notification anyway).
  • Both fields must be specifically identified for Search and Replace function.
  • Bar Graph - Export to Clipboard now pastes full report, and no longer just the report name.
  • Help / Information now correctly displays the computer's operating system.

Database Changes:

  • Database Structure version 9.6.0 required with Food Processor 10.13.x
  • USDA Database: SR-25 (Updated)
  • Canadian Database: CNF 2007b (Unchanged)
  • Total foods in the database: 57,123


Release Date: January 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fixed  Opening some older recipes resulted in error when retrieving label information (pertaining to label options and Mexico settings).
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