ESHA Port 3.1.x (Released August 2014)

Download: Contact ESHA support for download

Release Date: August 11, 2014

Release Notes:

Information on minor patches for 3.1.x included below

Compatible with Genesis version 9.13.x and Food Processor version 10.14.x

  • Added Recipe export now can include nutrient information for each ingredient of the recipe. (65958)
  • Added Now able to export and import individual allergen values for ingredients and recipes. (40544)
  • Added Can now export the list of records to be included in the output (Selection Criteria Page - Test button dialog list -- Export List button). (64913)
  • Added Modified Date now recursive. If one of the ingredients of a Recipe (or Person, or Food Menu) is modified, the Recipe (Person, Food Menu) is deemed modified that date. (66651)
  • Added Food Menu exporting now supported (68598)
  • Added Most dialogs in the application are now resizable. (66156)
  • Changed Licensing system changed in programs. Product Key is no more.  Information dialog changed accordingly. (YT 104, YT 61)
  • Changed Default location for exports or import now set to User Profile\My Documents location (68419)
  • Changed New icon for ESHAPort (68288)
  • Fixed Inclusion of "Additional Allergen Stmt (English)" no longer throws off the field separators. (68420)
  • Fixed Properly exports the Nutrient Content Claim text for selected NCCs in a recipe. (65258)
  • Fixed Command line export of png file type no longer freezes. (68187)


Release Date: November 2014

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug with recipes not importing properly.
  • Fixed a bug with values not importing to the right nutrient.
  • Fixed a bug where recipes would be created multiple times
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