Genesis R&D 9.10 and lower (Released October 2012 and earlier)

Version 9.10.2 (patch)


Fixed Non program-generated Ingredient Statements now automatically include INGREDIENTS: before the entered text. (66264)

Download the patch and install on any computer with Genesis R&D version 9.10.x installed.

Version 9.10.1 (patch)

Fixed Printing an Ingredient with Allergen Statement or Ingredient Statement no longer crashes the program. (That's a good thing, right?!) (66219).

(This patch rolled up and included in the patch for Genesis 9.10.2. Download the patch here, or see the Release Notes for 9.10.2.)

Version 9.10.0 (DVD update)

Added Recipe name can now be included in Allergen Statement for Aggregate labels. (65827)

Added Feature to left justify Nutrition Facts heading on label. (57154)

Fixed Common Name can now be modified to respect change in case sensitivity. (65883)

Fixed Save As for an open document now correctly updates most recently used list under File. (64933)

Fixed Supplement Facts - Linear now correctly displays standard nutrients & %DV. (66099)

Fixed More resizeable dialogs. (65313)

Modified Field & column heading formerly named 'USDA Code' now named Government Code (or Gov. Code in abbreviations) to reflect values within may be USDA Code or CNF code if Canadian item. (65943)

Modified Changed pan size under Preparation Method to allow up to 45 characters (from 15).(65589)

Modified Printed Recipe report section "Recipe Info" now only displays populated fields. Blank fields are suppressed. (65981)

Version 9.9.2 (patch)


Fixed Editing a Recipe with sub-recipes no longer hides sub-recipes. (65803)

Fixed ESHA's bid to disallow the use of the lowercase 'q' has been overruled. (Previously, Ingredient name did not allow the use of the lowercase 'q' in its name.) (65901)

Fixed Sub-recipes no longer auto-expand on addition of ingredients. (65885)

Removed One can no longer export images as PNG type (BMP, GIF, TIF only options). (65871)

Download the patch and install on any computer with Genesis R&D version 9.9.x installed.  


Version 9.9.1 (patch)

Fixed Certain label formats for Mexican labeling no longer crash program. (65769)           

Version 9.9.0 (DVD update)

Added Labeling module added for Mexico; compliance to NOM-0514-SCFI/SSA1-2010. (64874)  

Added Reports PLUS reports can now use jpeg images (*.jpg) as header. (65219)            

Added Dietary fiber (as well as soluble and/or insoluble fiber) have additional setting for label. "State "<1g" only if between 0.5g and 1.0." (57995)                

Added Enabled multi-select open of Recipes (in Open dialogue, can now select multiple Recipes to open at same time). (34832)   

Added Several additional measures now available (among them: #10 can, capsule) (41469, 65034)           

Added Most dialogs are now manually resizable. (64891)             

Added Font settings for Ingredient Statements are now specifically saved with Recipe, and not applied to all recipes, unless explicitly set to apply to all existing recipes. (22775)          

Added Can now show/hide Bitmap1 or Bitmap2 per Recipe. (64764)       

Fixed Users can now select various headings for % Daily Value per the CFR. (47083)        

Fixed Ingredient Statement export to clipboard was missing data from the older versions. This is now fixed. (49238)                

Fixed In some cases, users were unable to view the Audit Trail. This has now been fixed. (65486)             

Fixed The extra spaces in the Nutrient Content Claims have been removed. (20188)       

Fixed Modify Foodlist Item dialog showed "items undefined" for an Ingredient when added to a new Recipe. This has been remedied. (65436)      

Fixed The "Good source" designation for a Nutrient Content Claim was available for some nutrients when it should not have been per the CFR. (46519)       

Fixed There were some instances when Export as Text was not working for advanced Labels. (65340)    

Fixed Corrected several typos. (65012, 65113)   

Genesis 9.8.1 (patch)


(Fixed) Label / Settings should not have Groups page. Removed. (65124)             

(Fixed) Spreadsheet-Label Rounded report no longer produces a Unsupported Operation error. (65047)             

Genesis 9.8.0 (CD update)

(Added). A data verification test has been added for Calories & Proximates. (64852)       

(Added). Export Recipe as Ingredient .exl file. (48022)   

(Added). New Report PLUS report -- Recipe Card with Multicolumn per 100g. (29671)    

(Added). New Check Data function to help verify data for user-added Ingredients or Recipes.   

(Added). Single Nutrient percent column now respects decimal precision setting. (64884)            

(Added). 'New' button moved to upper portion of Open dialogs. (64887)             

(Fixed). Increased the size of the import dialog to display long record names. (64644)    

(Fixed). Cleaned up some typos. (64868)             

(Fixed). Linear Supplement Facts panel now allows change of unit of measure for nutrients. (64761)      

(Fixed). Common Names now support use of apostrophe. (64811)          

(Fixed). User-added allergens now capable when ESHA Security enabled. (64701)           

(Fixed). Nutrient Content Claims better handle 'Reduced' related to reference recipes. (64931)                

(Fixed). Recipe Info export now includes Common Name and/or UserCode. (64866)      

(Fixed). Export Ingredients by Percent Weight now respects indentation of expanded subrecipes. (64926)          

(Fixed). Cleaned up extra whitespace on Advanced Label ingredient statement, allergen, & notes displays.(64682)                

(Fixed). Supplement Facts - linear now shows descriptions. (64948)        

Genesis 9.7.2 (patch)


Fixed: Missing or invalid item in Fat Formulator now notifies as such. (64557)

Fixed: Multiple clicking of Show All Nutrients in new Ingredient no longer crashes the program. (64532)

Genesis 9.7.1 (patch)

 Fixed: Alternate Ingredient Statement text now present after Alternate Name. (58266)

Genesis 9.7.0 (CD update)

Fixed. The double asterisks (**) denoting Daily Value not established were not appearing for proprietary blends in all formats of the Supplement Label. The double asterisks now display correctly. (57416)              

Added. For cholesterol values greater than 2mg and less than 5mg, Nutrition Facts panel displays "<5mg" by default. (57996)                

Fixed. Allergen Statement export would revert to the program-generated text. The exported text now correctly shows the user-generated text. (57262)              

Fixed. User-added unit of measures for some nutrients would get overridden to g in the Supplement Label. The Supplement Label now correctly displays the user-added unit of measure. (57927)         

Fixed. The initially blank Common Name field is no longer populated after an .exl export. (57474)            

Fixed. Text box limit for Dual Declaration serving size text set at 100. This fixes any previous errors and crashes. (57238)                

Fixed. Export as text to clipboard was not working correctly for Supplement Labels. (51940)        

Fixed. Report settings in ReportControls.xml file can become corrupted, causing the program to crash when a recipe or report is closed. The program now detects this condition, and automatically restores ReportControls.xml to a default state. (57163)    

Fixed. Some Ingredient Statement percents were calculated incorrectly when using both Merge All and Expanded. The values are now correct. (57449)       

Fixed. Yield adjustment colors (background and text) were swapped. They now display correctly. (52718)           

Fixed. Using drag and drop to move an Ingredient withing a Recipe would cause the comment to disappear. (57403)                

Fixed. Ingredient name field validates to 60 characters. (57525)

Genesis: 9.6.0 - Release Notes

Added. Users can now export Advanced Label documents as .exl files. With your document open, go to Database > Export. (28)       

Added. Linear Supplement Label. (11150)            

Added. The option to display a proprietary blend has been added to the Supplement Facts functionality. (40410)                

Added. Common Name appears on Label Display (where common name is used and enabled). (56946)

Fixed. Nutrients for Supplement Facts panels now in the correct order per CFR. (55583)               

Fixed. Discrepancies with the Nutrient Content Claim for Fiber has been modified to correctly reflect the CFR rules. (56921)                

Fixed Properly handle access-level permissions to users in an Active Directory domain (57051). (57051)

Fixed. Costs can now be cleared from ingredients. (54573)          

Fixed. Supplement Facts panel now respects setting for display of Protein %DV. (56955)              

Fixed. Columns on the Recipe screen for Nutrients can now be resized. (51751)                

Added. Alternate wording for % Daily Value has been added to include: % Daily Value (DV), %DV, Percent DV, Percent Daily Value, per the CFR. (56910)            

Fixed. Windows state of reports & views remains as set when switching between windows. (55953)      

Fixed. "not a significant source of protein" displays correctly on the simplified label. (56981)       

Genesis 9.5.1 (patch)


Fixed: Editing of Bar Code values now persists. (54429)

Fixed: You can now search for a recipe with a number in the name. (54364)        

Fixed: Columns in the Multicolumn report are a better default size. (52527)        

Fixed: Printed multicolumn report better fits paper width. (53601)          

Fixed: Changing the name of an ingredient will now allow you to save. (53515)  

Genesis: 9.5.0 (CD update)

Modified. Allergens are listed in alphabetical order with the user-added allergens first, followed by the standard allergens. (44489)           

Removed. Removed balloon help because of outdated information. (48903)      

Added. Ingredient Statements can now be rolled up to combine ingredients with less than 2% weight. (43238)

Added. The Nutrient Search lets users search for items that are high or low in a specific nutrient. (1542)               

Added. A new Supplement Label style has been added. This is the Dual Recommendations style used when there are recommendations for both adults and children on the same label. (46050)   

Modified. Users can now change the size of Nutrition Facts text. (48076)             

Added. A box showing how the Nutrient Content Claims will appear on the Label has been added to the Nutrient Content Claims dialog. (45192)  

Added. A new "split" style has been added for the Supplement Facts Label. (46570)       

Added. On the Label view page, users can right-click on the Allergen Statement, the Ingredient Statement and the Nutrient Content Claims to edit those elements. (48797)             

Modified. The program now require confirmation before removing user-added nutrient. (46477)            

Fixed. USDA now removed when saving ESHA items as user-added items. (49396)          

Fixed. Fixed hairline indentations on Tabular label layout. (48727)            

Added. Alternate name is now on the printout of an Ingredient's Ingredient Statement. (47510)              

Fixed. Nutrients automatically refresh when Serving Size changes. (49829)          

Fixed. Cursor returns to previous position instead of scrolling to the beginning of the Nutrient Selection Dialog. (41959)                

Fixed. Nutrients on Supplement Label are now in the correct order. (51792)       

Genesis: 9.4.2 (patch)


Corrected an issue with handling regional settings for number display. (47772)  

Fixed case where Dual Declaration label incorrectly displayed text of footnote. (48020)

Version 9.4.1 (patch)

Resolved an issue that was limiting the search limit preference to 100. (45806)  

Resolved an issue preventing a user from modifying the name of a user added ingredient. (46051)         

Version 9.4.0 (CD update)

36640: Added. Additional allergens can be displayed.     

40193: Changed. Allergen Statement Dialog has been updated.

41268: Added. Print Report Sections Dialog now has a select all/clear all option.

1187: Added capability to print range of pages.

38762: Added. Alternate name, Alternate Text, French Name, French Text, Spanish Name, And Spanish Text are now in Display Primary Columns.       

37847: Printing columns now uses the down and over option when both number of column and length of columns is larger than one page.    

1537: Added. Allow the override of Kilojoules.  

29674: Added. Missing datapoints shown in red double dashes (--) on the Spreadsheet report.

36601: Modified. Print Multiple Reports functionality has changed. Option to print more than one report under File>Print.          

36614: Modified. Column separators on Multi-Column report reduced.

36634: Added. Export Allergen statement to clipboard  

36698: Fixed. Code has been modified for a more consistent Label Default layout.

37882: Added. A print scaling feature has been added to the Reports Preferences (Preferences>Reports>General).                

36615: Fixed. All allergens for the US or Canada are now selected by default in the Preferences.               

35749: Fixed. Modify Foodlist measures now show the entire measure name. In addition, the list has been moved as to show the Cancel button.        

29673: Modified. Override values in Multi-Column Report displayed in red.         

39254: Number of servings now supports grams and smaller (mg, mcg, etc).       

37046: Modified. Recipe Info box can now accommodate more yield adjustments.

38447: The Protein Quality Score PDCAA and Protein Quality Score PER now only accept values in the correct range.                

Version 9.3.0 (CD update)


Added Trans Fat, Sugar, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Calories from Fat, Calories from Saturated Fat can be excluded from the "not a significant source of footnote..." even if insignificant. Applies to Simplified format. (3935)

Updated Images used in property sheets (39432)

Added Uppercase Allergen Statement option available. (18465)

Fixed Database Modify pages were missing their graphics. (15445)

Version 9.0.2 (patch)

19800:   Fixed a problem with the layout of horizontal child labels. r13219 case 19800.

19611:   Fixed a bug if a name contained a ":". r13258 case 19611

19735:   Removed the Canadian label option combining saturated and trans display choices with two options, one for saturated and one for trans. r13254 case 19735

21457:   Fixed. Problem in US Simplified Tanbular placement of "not a sign..." footnote. case 21457

20814:   Restored option for serving size and servings per container in an advanced label. r13247 case 20814

18933:   Fixed a problem with the default footnote position in a tabular/horizontal label. r13085 case 19833

20718:   Swapped the Boolean value for hide percent cholesterol option for Canadian labels. r13245 case 20718

17211:   Performance improvement, reduced the number of calls to update. r13222 case 17211

Version 9.0.0 (CD update)

14513:   Added Child Labels.

15172:   Added. Supplement Labels.

11129:   Added. Footnote keys added to the Supplement Label. (11129)

11227:   Added. Main column percent of Nutrition Facts width and right column percent of total added to options. (11127)

674:        Added. Child Label added. (674)

11801:   Modified. Label>Settings>Format Options uses check boxes instead of true/false (11801)

4345:     Added. Ingredient Find and Replace option added. (4345)

9939:     Added. Button added to preferences to apply changes to existing Recipes and Labels. (9939)

7282:     Added. %DV for Carbs rounding options added to Canadian Label. (7282)

10321:   Modified. Preferences.

11799:   Modified. Recipe>Label Settings>Nutrient Options collapses all but current Label rule by default. (11799)

6831:     Modified. Updated for when to display "Not a significant source of protein" based on protein quality. "6831)

8340:     Modified. Display Preferences moved to General page. (8340)

8341:     Modified. Search Limit preferences moved to General page. (8341)

6639:     Modified. Shortened some nutrient names for Spreadsheet report. (6639)

11617:   Added. Expand/Collapse All buttons have been added to all of the Preference Sheets in both Preferences and Label Settings. (11617)

10945:   Added. Hide "Contributes an Additional" footnote added to Dual Declaration options. (10945)

4830:     Fixed. Barcode defaults to hidden in all cases. (4830)

2791:     Added. To Canadian Label display options, added Per / pour. (2791)

12103:   Modified. Updated Object Properties to expand all levels. (12103)

15320:   Added. F6 will do a User Code search again. (15320)

9763:     Modified. Removed Shortened as a Label Option. (9763)

12317:   Modified. Task Panel theme and Main Frame theme moved to Preferences from the View menu.

8701:     Fixed. Temporary data from ReportsPLUS tables now deleted at startup. (8701)

8584:     Added. Made a distinction between Country and type of Label. (8584)

17042:   Fixed. Label view font selections persist. (17042)

6701:     Fixed. Modified Audit Trail font to be more legible. (6701)

11800:   Added. Added the "Percent Daily Values Footnote" display as option for Canadian labels. (11800)

11680:   Modified. Trans Fatty Acid now on the mandatory reporting list, but there is an option to hide. (11680)

11871:   Modified. Label Settings reorganized into US and Canadian sections. (11871)

7794:     Fixed. Canadian Horizontal Bilingual Label now correctly displays Calories in both primary and secondary languages.

13617:   Fixed. Footnote wrapping fixed for Dual Declaration Label. (13617)

12661:   Added. Alternate names added for vitamins per CFR. (12661)

14437:   Fixed. Right Column Percent of Total default value set. (14437)

12105:   Fixed. ReportsPLUS header allows two lines of text instead of just one. (12105)

6266:     Modified. User Code field limited to 40 characters. (6266)

11795:   Modified. To clear up some confustion, "Use Raw Values when calculating %DV" has been changed to "Use Unrounded Values when calculating %DV.: (11795)

15696:   Modified. Default Auto Open Reports set to collapsed. (15696)

11802:   Fixed. Right-click options pointing to correct page. (11802)

15319:   Added. New report icons in program. (15319)

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