Setting the database up on your own instance of SQL Server

New Installation:

1. If you have a database already, you can attach the file if you have the .mdf file, or you can restore the database if you have a .bak backup file of the database. If you do not have a copy of the database already, contact ESHA support. Email or connect to Live Support.

2. You will need to add user permissions to the database using Management Studio. You can use Windows authentication or SQL authentication.

3. Install the client (Genesis) and point it to your instance of SQL Server. If you are using SQL authentication, follow these steps.


If this is an update to the Genesis R&D, there are SQL Scripts which need to be executed on the database to update it.  These are to be executed with SQL Server Management Studio, and go to the KB article regarding Manually Updating the ESHA Database under Full SQL Server.

App Server:

If using an application server environment you will want to make a change to prevent too many activations from being used. See these steps: Application Server Activations

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