ESHA Port 4.1.1255 (Released September 2016)

Download: Navigate to and log in using your customer number as the user login and your serial code as the password.

Release Date: 9/7/2016

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Added the ability to export the new 2016 nutrition label, as well as the nutrients that the new label can use for the Label Rounded Analysis export.


  • Changed some of the spacing in columns in the export document and export file pages to accommodate more columns.
  • Added functionality for Ctrl+O and Ctrl+W.
  • Entering future dates in the export criteria will no longer cause the export to fail.
  • Created a new more user friendly installation interface.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed a crash when using the mouse scrollwheel.
  • Removed icons that have no use.
  • Fixed a bug where users could select the same field separator and text delimiter.
  • The default fields should now save properly again.
  • Fixed a bug where the error log would not clear before import in some cases.
  • Widened the Document Type drop down box to not cut off the Food Menu name.
  • Fixed a bug where Food Menu fields would sometimes be set as the Person defaults, causing fields (like allergens) that can’t be applied to a Person to be chosen.
  • Resized the “User Code” column in the Selection Criteria search to not cut off the word “Code”.

Compatibility Changes:

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