Adding Attachments to Records in Food Processor

The Attachments feature in Food Processor lets you attach any type of file to a Person, Recipe, Ingredient, or Food Menu.

Some examples for when you might use this option include:

  • Person: A profile image; before and after shots for a weight-loss program; blood test results
  • Ingredient: A spec sheet from an ingredient supplier; a Nutrition Facts panel
  • Recipe: An image of the food; a recipe card designed by your graphics person; a series of spreadsheet reports so you can track adjustments
  • Menu Plan: An image of a meal; consumer feedback

Since the process for attaching a file to one of your records is the same regardless of which one you're using, this post will only go through the process for attaching an image file to a Person.

  1. With your Person open, click Edit Person
  2. Select Attachments.
  3. Browse to select the file OR drag and drop the file into the window. It will look like this, with the name and upload date of the attached file:
  4. Click OK to close this window.
  5. Later, you can access this file by again selecting the Attachments window. Right-click on the file to delete the file, open the file (for example, an attached jpg will open in your browser, Windows Photo Viewer, or editing software — depending on your default app), or download the file.
  6. You can attach as many files as you want to each record.
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