Can Protein be shown on the Nutrition Facts Panel (label) as %DV?

Only Genesis R&D SQL allows for %DV to be displayed on a Nutrition Facts panel.  The basic label available in The Food Processor application does not have the capability to report %DV of protein.

Federal regulations indicate that the %DV for Protein can be put on the label, but only manually. The actual %DV is a corrected protein value based on the completeness and digestibility of the available protein. There is no protein digestibility factor in our program for any of the foods, so the ESHA software cannot calculate the corrected values.

If you are using the Genesis R&D SQL program, you may enable percent daily value (%DV) on for Protein:

  1. Open the recipe & view the label.
  2. Click the Edit Label button on the Recipe tab of the ribbon.
  3. Click the Nutrient Options page.
  4. Expand Protein
  5. Check the box to display 'Show Percent DV Protein'.
  6. Enter the PDCAA (adult or children > 1) score, or the PER (infants).

The score is required, and often skipped. If there is no PDCAA or PER score entered, the program will not display the %DV for protein on the label (even though the checkbox is checked). The score is a value representing the digestibility of the protein in the food.

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