Protein Quality: What is Protein Score?

Protein score or amino acid score is a measure of the protein quality found in foods.  Higher scores suggest foods that have a more complete set of essential amino acids, or a higher protein quality. Foods with higher protein quality are more usable in the body for general growth, maintenance and repair.

The Protein Quality report in Genesis and The Food Processor programs compares ratioed amino acids from the recipe or ingredients to an ideal amino acid ratio. From this comparison, the limiting amino acid (that with the lowest percentage) determines the protein quality score. 

Ideal Ratio:

For Food Processor and general nutrient recommendations, the ideal ratio comes from the 2002 DRI Macronutrient report.

For Genesis and labeling compliance, the ideal ratio comes from “Report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Protein Quality Evaluation" as outlined in the CFR for labeling purposes.


For more detail and background information on protein, please see the National Academies Press website, and publications:

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