Can I put my recipes (ingredients) into Folders (Groups)?

The ESHA software is a bit unlike other software applications in that it is a database program by nature.  As a result, when creating a Recipe (or Ingredient) in the program, you are not actually saving files to your computer, but rather records inside of a database.

You will not see files on your computer as a result of saved Recipes or Ingredients.  Saving to a folder in the traditional sense does not apply.

There is functionality to associate any Recipe (or Ingredient) to 1 or more Groups in the database.  There are several Groups already in the database, or you can create your own.  If you create your own, we suggest doing so under ‘Databases':

  1. Click Database / Modify.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Highlight the parent Group (‘Databases’) and click New.
  4. Follow the steps (a “folder” can contain additional groups if you wish to have a hierarchy).

To add a Recipe or Ingredient to a group:

  1. Edit the Recipe (or Ingredient).
  2. Click the Groups page.
  3. Check the box(es) for the Group(s) to which this record should be associated.

You may filter searching by Groups – either by excluding groups, or including them.

To exclude groups when searching (refer to this kb article):

  1. Click View / Preferences.
  2. Click the Search page.
  3. Each Group checked will be Excluded from all searches.

Or, you may include groups when searching:

  1. When in the Open screen (or when adding an item to a Recipe), click the Advanced Search button.
  2. In Advanced Search Options, click Select to choose which Group(s) the search should be limited.      

Note: excluded groups will win over included groups.  In other words, if a group is excluded, even if you explicitly select to include it, the recipes (ingredients) will not appear in search results.

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