Grant Access to Additional Users in Food Processor and Genesis R&D Foods? (Windows Authentication)

Using SQL Server Management Studio to Add More Users


Note: If you are using the \esha instance of SQL Server that is installed with Genesis and Food Processor, you may not have SQL Server Management Studio and will need to refer to  Granting Access with Database Utilities


These instructions are for adding a Windows authentication user to the database permissions. If your network does not support Active Directory refer to the Using SQL Authentication document for information.

This information can be used for SQL Server version 2008 R2 or newer. The example used Management Studio 2012, so your layout may differ a little.

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your server.

2. In the Object Explorer, expand the "Security" folder under the server.


3. Right-click on the "Logins" folder and choose "New Login..."

4. Add the user's name in the format "Domain\UserName". You can also add domain groups by just changing it to "Domain\GroupName".

5. Optional: If you would like this user to have full access to the SQL Server instance, you can choose the "Server Roles" tab. Adding the role "sysadmin" will give them full access to the server to do actions like update the database, back up the database, delete the database.  Note: this is not necessary for normal Genesis or Food Processor use.

6. Choose the "User Mapping" tab. In the top half of this screen, check the box next to the database name (Genesis is generally "gendata", Food Processor is generally "eshadata"). Once you highlight the database and check the box to map the user to it, you can add role memberships to the user. For access to the database, you will need to add the roles "FPExecute" and "FPRole".

7. Click OK and your user will be created and have access to the software's database.

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