Why am I now seeing so many additional allergens?

In the update to Genesis for version 9.14.x, we incorporated the Canadian and European Union allergens among the existing US allergens.  By default, like the US Allergens, the program defaults to setting all Ingredients to contain all Allergens.  As a result, your existing (and new) Recipes may now display an Additional Allergen Statement which previously was not shown. Note that this update does not change any ingredient or recipe's settings for the 8 original allergens (egg, fish, milk, peanut, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat).  These remain as previously set.  The change is only in the additional, non-US, allergens.

Added in Genesis version 11.0 is the ability to hide the new allergens in Preferences.
To address this, there are 2 potential solutions:
  1. For all recipes, you can hide the Additional Allergen Statement (and/or regular Allergen Statement) from the label display on all recipes as a global setting. First, open any recipe, click Edit Label. On the left, click on the "Object Properties" tab, and expand the "Additional Allergen Statement" (or "Allergen Statement") by clicking the [+] next to it.  Uncheck the "Show" box to hide that object in the label display report.  This setting initially just hides for only the current recipe.  To apply this to all existing recipes, click the [+] next to "Apply All Settings" (at the bottom of the list) then click on the Apply All button next to "Apply all settings to existing Labels".
    While this will set all existing Recipes to hide the Additional Allergen Statement (or regular Allergen Statement), new Recipes will continue to show the statement if there are any allergens present in that category.

  2. We have two SQL scripts from which you can choose that will either turn all of the new allergens 'off' for (1) ALL ingredients and recipes OR (2) just Ingredients & Recipes which have been added by you (or your organization). To implement this script, there is need to execute it on the database. You can still use these allergens, they will just be set to off by default instead of on like they normally are.

For any questions or comments, or to obtain the script(s), please contact Technical Support.

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