Adding a Company Logo or Image to the Reports PLUS

This is for the Reports PLUS only. These instructions will not affect the standard reports or the label display.

By default the Reports PLUS reports will show an ESHA Research image. To change this image go to the "View" menu, then choose "Preferences". In version 11, Preferences can be found in the "Home" ribbon.

In the Preferences window choose the "Reports PLUS" tab. Expand the "Header" option to show the options above.

To hide the header image entirely you can uncheck the "Show Header Image" box

To choose a new image: Click on the "..." in the "File Path" line and select your image you want to display. The image can be in jpeg, tiff, bmp, gif or png formats.

You can choose to move the image by putting in a value for the Top and Left. This will move the image (in inches) that far down or away from the left edge.

You can also choose a custom size for the image. To do this, check the box for "Override Image Size" and put in the custom size in inches.

You can also put in a block of text as a header by checking the "Show Header Text" box. This can be used in place of an image or with an image.

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