How Can I Change the Default Label Settings for New Recipes

This guide assumes you have basic understanding of how to create a recipe and edit the Label Settings.

This guide shows the steps for Genesis R&D Food v11.0 or later. This process is possible is older versions, but the interface will be slightly different.

NOTE: You may wish to create a new Recipe so that you do not carry forward any settings you may have changed on an existing Recipe.

1. Click Edit Recipe.

2. Set all label settings as you wish for new, future Recipes to have as default.

3. Then click on the "Save Settings..." button.


4. Name the file, select a location for it to be stored. Confirm it is being saved as "Save as type: Label Settings (*.lxl)".

5. Close the Label Settings window,

6. Click on the "Home" ribbon, and under that, click on "My Preferences".


6. Click on the "Label" tab on the left side, then click on the "..." next to "Default Settings File" line. In the "Open" window, select the .LXL file saved in step 4, and click OK. 

Any new Recipe created by you will now have these label settings applied by default.

NOTE: settings under My Preferences are user-specific; you may wish to save the LXL file in a shared location, and have other (all) users set their My Preference to use the same LXL file for new recipe defaults.


Be aware that the regulation settings are not loaded from the LXL file. The label regulations will be set based on the option selected in the Preferences. To set that go to the Home tab and choose My Preferences. On the General tab make sure that Regulation is set to the option you want for all new recipes.



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