Recommendations for Protein Carbohydrates and Fat

Q.  What percentages of carbohydrate, fat and protein do you consider to be the recommendations for the general, healthy population?


A.  The default percent calories in The Food Processor are:

 Protein: 17%

Carbohydrate: 55%

Fat: 28%

These guidelines are from the DRI nutrient standards. The DRIs recommend a range of protein, carbohydrate and fat, we have chosen approximately the midpoint of the range for the percentages. You can modify these in the software as needed.  The Food Processor also includes an option to calculate protein per kg body weight.


To modify the recommendations, in The Food Processor

Open a Person record

Edit Person

Click on the Recommendations button

Click on the Source of Calories button

In the Source of Calories screen edit the percents in the available fields.  To edit Protein, uncheck the "Calculate Protein based on weight (not percent of Calories).  The Protein, Carbohydrate, & Fat percents must add to 100%, so editing one macro nutrient will require that you also edit another or two.  The fat component percents must add up to the Fat percent, so editing one of the fat components will require that you also edit one or the other two.

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