Moisture and Fat Loss - Kitchen Measures


Q.  Some of our sausages are cooked and have moisture and fat loss. In order to get the cooked nutritionals, from the raw formulation, moisture is entered as a loss and fat is entered as target. If both data are available, which one should be entered as which? I mean, does it matter if it is entered vice versa (moisture as a target and fat as a loss)?

It is noticed that the cooked yield results from the moisture loss but not from fat loss. Does it assume that fat loss is negligible in the aspect of weight?

In some of the products, there is no actual data of moisture and/or fat. What assumptions do we make if we do not have the data?


A.  Lab analysis can determine fat and moisture content.

Or, another approach to gather loss information is using the following steps:

1)      Weigh the sausages before and after cooking to get the total weight loss.

2)      After cooking, refrigerate the remaining liquid to solidify the fat.

3)      Remove and weigh the fat – this is the fat loss.

4)      Subtract the fat loss from the total weight loss – the difference is the moisture loss.

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