Ingredients - Trimmings

Q.  What item in your data base do you use for Trimmings (Beef, Pork etc…).  It is difficult to find the correct protein in the system when they are not worded the way we do.


A.  Neither the USDA database nor the Canadian Nutrient File uses the term "trimmings", so that can be challenging.


Specific cuts of meat, & pork fat and beef fat are included.  As well as mechanically separated beef and pork.

If you can estimate the percent of the trimmings that is fat and the percent that is lean trim you may be able to create an ingredient of correct proportions.  In Genesis, the Fat Formulator feature allows you to enter fat and lean by percent (there is a maximum on the fat percent).   If the fat percent needs to be higher than what the Fat Formulator allows, another approach is to create a Recipe for the trimmings consisting of fat and lean in the appropriate percent.

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