Pan Fried Foods

Q.  For items like breakfast items that are pan fried (such as pancakes, french toast) or even using the waffle maker.  do you think it is possible to do the calculations in Genesis or would you think these items would qualify as something that is deep fried so I would need a lab analysis?

 Also for things on the flat top like hash browns, hamburger patties, etc., the nutrition info we get from manufacturers- would you say that is for the raw or cooked product?  because say for a hamburger, as it cooks, moisture and fat is being lost, so would the raw and cooked nutrition information be that much different?


A.  For pan fried items like pancakes, waffles and french toast, you could likely estimate the amount of oil picked up and report a fairly accurate analysis.  Add the appropriate amount of oil to your Recipe to account for the cooking oil.  

You will see some USDA options for items like pancakes, waffles and french toast.  Some of these indicate prepared pancakes from batter or recipes.  These provide moisture information that can serve as a reference for your recipes.

Nutrition labeling reflects "as sold"/"as purchased", so assume that information you receive from suppliers in unprepared unless otherwise stated.  Use USDA information as a reference for adjustments that might be considered.

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