Selecting a folder to access remotely (MAC remote desktop)

With Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0.37 and later you may be prompted to confirm the Drive that will be accessible from the remote session. Follow these instructions to select the proper drive for our program:

Click the "Select a folder to access remotely" drop down menu and select "browse." (see Figure 1 below)

(Figure 1. RemoteApp Connection Prompt)


Use Shift + Command + H to select the users Home Folder or select the Home Folder from the
Dropdown and click Choose. (see Figure 2 below)

Make sure the Drive path is set to /Users/username (username is an example)

(Figure 2. Drive Path)

This will take you back and populate your home drive into the Drive accessed by Cloud. Check the box “Do not ask again…” and click Connect  (This will ensure that you only need to make this change one time) 

(Figure 3. Corrected RemoteApp Connection Prompt)

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