Cannot load Craxdrt9.dll

The ‘craxdrt9.dll’ is a file used by the Reports PLUS reports. Specifically, it relates to Crystal Reports, used to generate those reports. Typically, the installation of Genesis also installs the Crystal Reports redistributable files, used for these reports, but in some scenarios that doesn’t get installed.

In the way of troubleshooting:

When logged into the computer as though you are going to run Genesis, locate the following file: ‘crystal9redist.exe’. This file should be found in the same directory as the main Genesis R&D program (where the ‘genesissql.exe’ lives). This is generally located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\GenesisSQL\CrystalReports.msi or C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\FoodProSQL\CrystalReports.msi

Right-click the ‘crystal9redist.exe’ file, and Run As Administrator. Complete this installation.

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