Searching is very slow to respond ...or... A recipe appears in the default list, but doesn't appear when searching by name. (Database Shrink)

In certain cases (sometimes after an update has been installed), the log file associated with the ESHA Database becomes damaged or corrupted, causing searching in the program to be unreliable.  In this scenario:

  1. Close your ESHA software.
  2. On the server which hosts your database, launch Database Utility (found in the Windows Start menu, under ESHA).
  3. Connect to the SQL Server & database.
  4. Backup the database.
  5. After backup, click Database / Shrink.
  6. Exit Database Utility.

After the above, launch your program try searching again.

Advanced: If using your own instance of SQL Server, or you have SQL Server Management Studio (Express) installed (a free download from Microsoft), you can force a rebuild of certain indexes which may help searching and  you can shrink the database log file.  Specifically:

  1. Using Management Studio (Express), connect to the proper SQL server instance, and open the ESHA Database.
  2. Expand Tables.
  3. Expand BaseFoodName table.
  4. Right-click the Indexes listing, and choose Rebuild All.
  5. Click OK to the Rebuild Indexes dialog.
  6. Then right click on the database, and go to Tasks>Shrink>Files
  7. Change the "File Type" to Log
  8. Under "Shrink Action" choose reorganize pages before releasing unused space, and enter in a "Shrink file to:" value of 0
  9. Click ok to shrink the log file.
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