Whenever I start the program, I get a message that novapi6.dll (novaPDF) cannot be loaded.

On startup, you receive an error such as this often, even if you click Yes to install, the message persists.

The novaPDF driver is used when printing as a PDF file (either the PDF button on the toolbar in your Recipe, or when viewing a regular Report), or when using the function of File / Print to PDF.  With the more recent ESHA programs, we have put in place a more stringent check on the novaPDF driver that is installed with our application.  As you've found, the data and functionality of the program is fine (your data is intact!), however, the printing as PDF functionality may be affected.

 In this case there is a need to uninstall the novaPDF driver completely, then manually reinstall.

  1. Make sure the ESHA software is not running.
  2. In Windows Add/Remove Programs (or possibly Programs & Features, depending on Windows version), uninstall ‘novaPDF’ or possibly ‘novaPDF (novaPDF 6.3 printer)’.
  3. Once that is uninstalled, in the same directory as the main program (default is c:\Program Files\Esha Research\GenesisSQL or c:\Program Files\Esha Research\FoodproSQL) there is ‘InstallNovaPDF.bat’.  Launch this batch file, which is designed to handle the installation for you.  If you are on a Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer, you may need to right-click the .bat file and Run As Administrator (if that is an option).  This installation may take some time, or even pause and appear it is “frozen”.  Wait it out…it may proceed & install quickly too, we have seen either scenario.

After, try launching the program and the error should not appear.

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