Moisture Adjustment - Moisture Loss

Q.  How do I know if I should apply a moisture loss or target?


A.  You might use loss when you know both the beginning and final weights of the recipe - obtain final weight by weighing the product.


Once you know the total amount of moisture lost, enter its weight or percent. (Note: for percent loss, the value entered is that of the percent of just the moisture lost, not the percent loss for the entire weight of the full recipe. For example, if you have 100g of dough containing 10g of water, and the final weight of the baked bread is 95g, you know you've lost 5g of moisture. That equals 50% of the original moisture/water content. Enter 50 as the percent moisture loss)

The program will recalculate the nutrient information per the adjusted weight and moisture loss.


Use Target Percent when you know the beginning weight of your Recipe/Formula and the final moisture percent - for example from a lab test.

Enter the percent as a target and the program will recalculate the final weight and corresponding nutrient information.

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