I can't see the new label (2016)

In Genesis v11.1.x or later:
1. Open existing Recipe.
2. Click the Edit Label button on the Recipe tab of the ribbon.
3. On the left hand side click the General page.
4. On the right, click the drop-down next to Category and select "Nutrition Facts" on the drop down menu.  For versions 11.4.x and later*, "Nutrition Facts (2016)" is the 2016 regulations change; "old" labels are listed as "Nutrition Facts (1990 NLEA)".
5. Click the OK button, and you will see the new label format in View Label, or other label reports.

Please note: You will want to re-evaluate your recipe & ingredients to make sure you have data for the new or now-mandatory elements of the Nutrition Facts panel. At a minimum we suggest Added Sugars, Dietary Fiber (Blog on the new definition of the term), Vitamin D, and Potassium, among others.


For more information on the new format visit our website.


You may also benefit from the resources ESHA has published designed to help guide our customers through the new regulations and changes in Genesis R&D, including blogs, webinars, eBooks, and signing up to receive our monthly eNewsletter.

*11.1.x - 11.3.x select "Nutrition Facts" for 2016 labels 

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