Why am I running out of activations so quickly?

Application server misreading activations

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If you are running Genesis R&D Foods, The Food Processor, or Genesis R&D Supplements on an app server environment, such as Citrix, VDI, VmWare, Terminal server, etc., your server app may assume the activations are per launch rather than per computer. This will eat up your licensed activations quickly.


To prevent this from happening, you will need to edit the .exe.config file.

  1. Close all open connections to the database. This includes any open ESHA programs (Genesis R&D Foods, Genesis R&D Supplements, ESHA Port, Food Processor, etc.)
  2. Browse to find the config file in the path where your program is installed. This is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\GenesisSQL (or FoodProSQL or Genesis R&D Supplements or EshaPortSQL)
  3. Look for a FoodProSQL.exe.config or GenesisSQL.exe.config or Genesis R&D Supplements.exe.config, or ESHAPortSQL.exe.config  file
  4. To edit the File either
    • open Notepad as an Administrator and navigate to the file
    • Copy the file to the desktop, edit the file, save changes and copy and replace the config file back to the program folder
  5. Add the following just before the closing </esha.licensing> tag:
  6. <machineId providerType="PerDomain" />to the config file. 
    This is XML so be attentive to spelling (of course), but also capitalization.
  7. Find the <esha.licensing> ... </esha.licensing> tags.
  8. Add the following setting within: <machineId providerType="PerDomain" />
    That section should look something like this when finished:
        <licenseService url="" />
        <licenseWeb url="" />
        <idserver oauth2TokenEndpoint="" />
        <machineId providerType="PerDomain" />
  9. Save your changes, if copied to the desktop copy and replace the file back to the program folder.



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