Error Message: Specified Account Already Exists

During an upgrade, If you are met with an error "The Specified Account Already Exists" such as:


You will need to uninstall any old versions of the program before running the installer again. We always recommend running a backup prior to any update, but uninstalling the program should leave your data intact.

Recommended Procedure:

  • Backup database (if on the same computer as your ESHA installation - not a bad practice before any installation or uninstallation)
    This is generally not required, as the uninstallation/reinstallation is designed to leave the database untouched.  However, as noted, backup is never a bad idea.
  • Backup program ini file (typically located: C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\GenesisSQL\genesissql.ini (replace GenesisSQL with FoodProSQL if for Food Processor))
  • Take Note of Customer Number and Serial Code (Found on Home -> About in Program) you may be prompted for this during re-install
  • Uninstall Program from Control Panel (Or Programs & Features)
  • Check C:\Program Files (x86)\Esha Research\GenesisSQL location, only genesissql.ini should be in there. (replace GenesisSQL with FoodProSQL if for Food Processor) If other files exist you may need to manually delete them.
  • Run the Installer Normally, you may be prompted for the Customer Number and Serial Key Again. 
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