Why am I seeing Sesame as an Allergen after updating Genesis R&D to version 11.11?

Sesame was added as a U.S. Allergen in Genesis R&D Foods Version 11.11. By default, all foods and ingredients in the Genesis R&D database are assumed to include all allergens, for safety purposes. (Learn more about default allergens in this article.

After installing the Genesis R&D 11.11 update, you will likely see “Sesame” listed as an allergen for many, or all, of your recipes and ingredients, and on your labels. This is expected.

There are two options for cleaning up the allergen information:

  • Manually edit the item(s). Open each Ingredient or Recipe and uncheck Sesame in the Edit Ingredient >Allergens section.
  • Batch update all items. If you are certain that none of your items contain Sesame and you want this allergen unchecked for all items in your database please have your account admin send a request to ESHA Support to clear Sesame as an allergen for all Items in your database.


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    Susan Crabill

    It would be great if you can find a way to prevent this from happening in the future. At this point I have over 1,000 ingredients built into my database and will now have to touch each one to undo the sesame allergen.